Located at the most beautiful beach of the Marau Peninsula in the state of Bahia, Brazil, Sitio Algodoes offers you a mix of being at the beach, and in an exotic tropical rain forest at the same time.
Imagine yourself lying in a hammock in a tropical garden, observing the stars or the full moom, hearing the breaking surf.
Imagine snorkeling around during the day in a coral reef pool of desert beach.
Imagine the pleasure of tasting delicious food cooked on a wooden stove, in the midst of a noble green rain forest, only 300 meters away from the beach. This is being a guest at the Sitio Algodoes. With the availability of a few rooms only, our SITIO has a loose and familiar atmosphere. Do not wait to long and make your dream came through! Pack your bag and visit us. We are looking forward to meet you. GPS Infos: Sitio Algodoes Way Point: S 14.04'24.2" W 038.57'50,00" FOR MORE INFOS: CLICK HERE or



These are the beautiful colors that nature show's. Take a minute of your time and let your imagination guide you. This moments where lived by myself almost everyday in those 15 years. For more infos:


The Maraú Peninsula attracts Brazilian and foreign visitors

Recently discovered by tourism, the Maraú Peninsula attracts Brazilian and foreign visitors due to its natural beauties. The Maraú Penunsula is protected by an evironmental law – the APA from Maraú. A variety of hotels, pousadas, resorts – ranging from simple and charming to sophisticated can be found. Restaurant and bars where visitors may taste regional specialities also can be found, even for the most demanding of tastes.

The Peninsula is located on one of the extremities of the Camamu Bay, the third biggest in saltwater volume found in Brazil. ( Todos os Santos Bay in Salvador and Guanabara Bay in Rio de Janeiro, are the bigger ones.)

Traveling around the Camamu Bay by boat is a charming ride witch gives the visitor the chance to see small fisherman villages, dockyards where the regional boats are made, as well as the biggest preserved mangrove reserve in the area.

For those who like a more adventurous option we recommend the Off-road experience to the nearby city of Itacaré ( 60km) .

Composed of natives and residents from all over Brazil and the world, the local community is very friendly and welcoming to those visiting the Peninsula.

- Make sure you reserve a few days to experience the magic of this tropical Paradise.

Take a look at:

SitioAlgodoesPousada located at the beautiful Praia dos Algodoes.

If you want more infos about the Peninsula CLICK HERE


Day tour around the Marau Peninsula

Tour to Taipus de Fora beach

We suggest many different day-tours.

With the motorboat or a wooden-canoe.

A jeep-tour or with a Dune-Buggy around the sand trails at the Peninsula.

Beach-trekking is also an option.

All the tours depend on the weather and tide conditions, reason why they can not be booked in advance.

At all tours is an option to stop at a local restaurant and taste from delicious local food (seafood is mostly the main offer), on request.

We at Sitio Algodoes Guesthouse are always looking for different tours to suggest. This way making your visit here at the Peninsula more interesting.

For more information please send us your email contact, CLICK HERE

We will return your contact as soon as possible.

Don't wait to long, time goes by to fast!

See you!

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Algodoes beach - SITIO ALGODOES - BAHIA 2009

PRAIA DOS ALGODOES - at the Marau Peninsula
There you can stay at the
Sitio Algodoes Guesthouse - Accommodations

Sitio Algodoes is a Guesthouse in the midst of a Brazilian tropical forest.

We offer you comfort and services that will turn your experience into a remarkable vacation.

With time and much dedication, the guesthouse at the Sitio was turned into a cosy place, allowing us to receive our actual and future Friends. A small number of rooms offers a loose and familiar atmosphere.

Our rooms are spacius and well ventilated, also equipped with fans and new mattrasses. Each room has an individual bathroom with warm shower, as well as individual verandas with hammocks. Relaxing with the sound of the breaking beach surf is a must.

Neither air-condition nor TV were a choice. The Sky here is extremely clear. Star gazing is an excellent option. Shooting stars are a constant show. This is one of the few places on Earth where the Milky way is not a faint band of light in the night sky. The moonrise at the beach is a unique experience.( The moon rises directly out of the ocean!)

We are looking foward to hearing from you, and would be glad to send you further information.

For information and reservations please send us your e-mail contact, CLICK HERE or

We will return your contact as soon as possible.

Hope to see you soon!


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